Registration Rules Chinese Domains

restriction on the registration rules of Chinese domains; ATTENTION: page with information not updated, click on the link that leads to the updated page.

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Registration Rules Chinese Domains

For updated rules on Chinese domains click here .(08/05/2012)

As already stated in a previous announcement on Chinese domains, since 6 January 2010, due to the difficulties encountered in the verification of personal information of Chinese domain name applicants through foreign (non-Chinese) providers, CNNIC (the Chinese authority) has temporarily suspended the new registrations of .CN domains

A new identification system has been launched to verify the information related to the holder of a Chinese domain name that requests it through a non-Chinese provider.

From February 10th, the new registration rules are in effect:

  1. international entities that have a "Chinese branch" can register a .CN domain through a non-Chinese operator.
    "Chinese branch" means a company, organization, subsidiary or representative office with a permanent presence in the People's Republic of China (PRC) with the same name as the parent company.
    The Chinese branch must be legally registered with local Chinese authorities.
    For example, IBM will use the company "IBM China" to register the domain
  2. commercial companies registered in Hong Kong (HKSAR) with Business Registration Certificate issued by Inland Revenue Dept (IRD or HKSARG)
  3. The person who will send the registration request on behalf of the registrant must be a citizen with a personal ID document valid in the People's Republic of China (PRC), and be resident in one of the following countries: China, Taiwan, Macau, Honk Kong.
  4. Embassies, consulates, unregistered individual representations, foreign individuals, joint ventures are not eligible for new registrations of Chinese domains by foreign managers.

The documentation necessary for registering a Chinese domain is as follows:

  1. Application Form with signature and company stamp that we will provide
  2. Copy of the Company Business License (equivalent of the Chamber of Commerce certificate)
  3. Copy of a personal document of the Registrant

The documentation must be written either in English or in Chinese and must be sent the day of registration. Any translations must be in English and notarised!

When the order is placed, the data of the holder and the company name must be entered in Pin-Yin, that is transliterating or romanizing the Chinese alphabet by transcribing the sound in Latin characters.

Once the documentation is received, the domain will be put in the "in-auditing" status and the domain will start to work only when the identification has been made. (see following)

In the event that the documentation is not sent on time or is incorrect or incomplete or has unclear or altered data or simply is rejected by the authority, the domain name will be automatically deleted after 5 calendar days from the order date.

In case of rejection, the procedure must be repeated from the beginning.

Identification Procedures

In order to make the domain work (= DNS resolution) every subject legally registered in China must request an ICP number issued by MIIT (Ministry of Industry and Information Technology - which must be indicated in the application form.

The procedure for obtaining the ICP number is on the website of the Chinese ministry and to obtain it it is necessary to compile a "Letter of Commitment" both in English and in Chinese. This document varies depending on whether the functioning of the domain is required or not for website or non-website functionality, inside or outside of China.

For all registration requests made after December 14, 2009, additional fees will apply due to the need for the above documentation for:

  1. Changes in ownership
  2. Variations to the Nameserver
  3. Changes to contact information

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